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Over- and Undergrounds Signs – Learning from Sofia
tutors: Our Polite Society, 29 June – 03 July 2015

From specific traits and traces found in the city, a new type specimen will be developed and translated into print. The process of collecting (in the streets), redrawing (in the studio) and reproducing (in the printing workshop) will activate and visualise existing and new connections between spaces and people.

Previous versions of this workshop were conducted at Artez School of Arts and Design (Arnhem) and the REDO Design Biennial in Pristina.

The significance of Images
tutor: Frans Oosterhof, 29 June – 03 July 2015

A workshop in which certain specific aspect of the city play an important role. This including the creation of new images echoing the cultural heritage among which the ‘Boyana Church’ will serve as source of inspiration

Design Thinking
tutors: Creative Shower, 4 July 2015

tutor: Elisa van Joolen & Ruby Hoette, 06 – 10 July 2015

An analysis of contemporary dress codes such as that manifest themselves in the streets of Sofia. Looking for an analysis with the aim to impose or develop opposite artistic reflections and show them in a concluding performance

This workshop has been part of various educational [Rietveld Dress Index] and museum presentations [exhibit “The Future of Fashion is Now”]

I like flocks of birds
tutor: Lotte van Gelder, 06 – 10 July 2015

The city of Sofia is a living organism, a synergetic web of interconnected material and immaterial entities. It has a body and a soul, just like all of us. The city’s architecture and space raise gestures, language and movement. Together we will create a sensorial map of the city, applying the tools of cultural- and movement analysis. We will present our findings in an unpredictable nonetheless special way.